Gari Romalis is truly old school. More than 30 years as a DJ and at the forefront of Detroit’s techno scene, he’s managed the city’s famous Buy Rite Records and worked for Derrick May’s seminal Transmat label. He’s played the infamous Music Institute and the legendary Tresor too. Like we said, he’s old school.

He is also a respected producer and although he may not be as prolific as some artists, when he does decide to release his music it is always worth the wait. Less is sometimes more. So we are especially delighted to welcome him to the family here at Hizou Music with the No Beat Left Behind EP that is steeped in the traditions of Detroit techno and Chicago house, that is bursting with raw energy, sonically gritty and an unmistakable authenticity that could only come from someone who was actually there; you can’t fake the feeling.

Dance Demo (Da Give It Mix) is straight-up bumpin’, pumpin’ old-school house at its finest made squarely for the floor; there’s no excuse not to dance. Pray is pure feel-good; brash, bouncy and with more than enough funk. For a truly heavyweight sound that pays homage to the underground scene of the Motor City there is Detroit Shuffle (Quick Step C Mix), while First Love (Latenight Funk Breakdown Mix) is a soulful and chunky groover perfect for the wee small hours.

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