We are deeply proud of all our music here at Hizou. Our latest release, however, we believe is just that little bit special. Because we welcome to the label a producer we much admire and also proudly call our friend, W & P Hgg [aka Hugo Giner], owner of the formidable Cornuta Sound imprint. And his EP, Down For Heaven, is notable also for marking the debut of a new partnership, the Sons of Empire, otherwise known as those two masters of the deep, Ernie from Minuendo Recordings and Dubbyman of Deep Explorer. It is Giner’s Unique Soul, however, that takes centre stage with side one devoted entirely to its 13 minutes of glorious, irresistible and uplifting house odyssey. On the reverse comes Welcome, a chunkier though equally hypnotic slab of sly deepness, ably supported by the Sons of Empire remix which takes the track to a more chilled and, dare we say, funkier celestial plane.

300 Limited numbered copies

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For other orders: hizoumusic@gmail.com